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Quick Dry Bump Acne Treatment


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Acne and shaving bump treatment that can help reduce signs of blemishes and razor bumps.

A potent soft-on-your skin formula to combat acne. We use sulfur (10%) as our main ingredient, which is much gentler on the skin and can help minimize excessive sebum production, and it can also help to kill bacteria and fungi that can cause acne. 

This product is best for people who are suffering from persistent acne and/or shaving bumps.

Fast-acting, gentle, natural. 

Available for purchase without office visit or telemedicine visit. Used as directed.

Dermatologist created and formulated, with over 25+ years of direct patient care. Tested, proven safe and effective! Made with natural ingredients.

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4 reviews for Quick Dry Bump Acne Treatment

  1. Consuelo Tatum

    It was a good one!!!

  2. Lily Forest

    What color this solution supposed to be? I see it’s a dirty brown color not clear.

  3. Regine Vincent

    Amazing product! In just 3 days my acne bumps disappeared! Love love love

  4. Angela Thomas

    Great products! Thanks

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500 in stock