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Normal/Combination Skin Travel Kit


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The perfect skincare routine to keep your skin flawless while you are away from home.


  • Normal/Combination Skin Facial Cleanser 2oz
  • Normal/Combination Skin Facial Scrub 2oz
  • Normal/Combination Skin Facial Toner 2oz

This TSA-approved size Travel Mini Kit is the perfect companion for short trips when taking your full skincare bag is unnecessary.

Keep your skin clean, hydrated, and looking fabulous with this kit on the go!

3 reviews for Normal/Combination Skin Travel Kit

  1. Nikki McCrimmon

    Easy ordering,simple….can’t wait for my travel products!

  2. Lonneisha Holland

    Great! Checkout was simple, easy. I was having trouble finding the combination facial scrub separately to purchase. Unless it only comes with the kit.

  3. Adina Richardson

    It was great

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500 in stock